• A few good men
    (and women, of course)
    Paul said, "...entrust
    these things to reliable
    people who will be able
    to pass them on to others."
    That's what we're
    after in AMP.

    - Dave Wells
  • Break your barriers.
    Like this jet, you can break
    your "sound barrier." You
    just need to get up to speed!
    AMP can accelerate your
    growth in ministry.
  • Looking for a bridge
    to launch you to the
    next level?
    That's just what AMP is
    designed to be. Guided by
    experienced LifeLinks leaders
    and mentors, you'll discover
    a new world of ministry possibilities.
  • Tired of blending?
    You know God has more for you
    than just blending into the woodwork.
    Step out and
    AMP it up! 

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