AMP Financial Arrangements

Tuition fees for the AMP course are $1950 (Canadian funds), which amounts to approximately $165 per month (including the pre-course, trainee self-assessment period).

The AMP trainee is also responsible for the following:


In the spirit of three-way partnership envisioned by the LifeLinks leadership, AMP strongly recommends that the trainee's local church consider sponsoring a portion of the trainee's course costs. Church sponsorship provides three important benefits:

  1. You show tangible, practical encouragement to the trainee — "We believe in you!"
  2. You increase the trainee's sense of responsibility to apply themselves and get as much out of the course as possible.
  3. You give the church a vested interest in providing support and accountability for the trainee during the course.

NOTE: When a church and trainee share the training costs using the installments plan laid out below, AMP recommends that the trainee pay the first installment(s), to establish their commitment to the training.

Responsibility for Payment

To avoid costly collection confusion, AMP stipulates that the trainee's local church is responsible to collect and submit the trainee's fee payments as per the schedule and methods laid out below.

Installments Schedule    ( Lump sum payments also more than welcome )


Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit (local only)
  • Draft (Canadian funds)
  • Money Order (Canadian funds)

Make cheques payable to LifeLinks and send to…

2202 Eighth Ave. N.
Regina, SK
S4R 7T9