The AMP Opportunity.

A.M.P. (LifeLinks' Accelerated Ministry Preparation course) spells opportunity on many levels...

Further details follow below...



Up and Coming Leader

Are you aspiring to more leadership? (1Timothy 3:1)
Are you wanting to improve as a workman approved to God? (2 Timothy 2:15)

As an AMP trainee, over a period of about 12 months you will…
  1. Spend time with other LifeLinks leaders.
    1. Be matched with a veteran “leadership mentor.”
    2. Connect with a small, band-of-brothers-type “peer posse” of fellow AMP trainees.
    3. Gather with senior LifeLinks leaders and fellow AMP participants for a number of four-day “power weekends.”
  2. Assess your needs, with input from key people around you, and develop a personal “Ministry Advancement Plan” (M.A.P.).
  3. Receive interactive training resources for pursuing your MAP.
  4. Work with your AMP training team that includes your leadership mentor, leaders in your local church, other AMP leaders and your peer posse.
    1. Be coached, provoked and encouraged along your MAP path.


To become an AMP trainee, your first step is to let your pastor know you're interested. Discuss the possibility of being nominated as an AMP candidate and be prepared to work with your church leaders toward that goal.

If you are nominated, then listed as a candidate for an AMP course, you will be invited to submit your application.

"The whole AMP experience was like shooting me out of a cannon. Within 6 months of finishing AMP the Lord opened a door to take a youth and young adults pastoring position." Andy Schmidt, AMP1 graduate

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Veteran Leader

AMP gives seasoned LifeLinks leaders opportunity to impart what they've learned to a new wave of trailblazers.

  • One way that happens is the intensive training weekends every four months or so throughout the AMP course.
  • Another opportunity — contributing online audio, video and text teaching resources to be used by AMP trainees.
  • But the most hands-on, life-changing opportunity AMP offers is to be a leadership mentor.

As an AMP leadership mentor (LM) you will…

  1. Be matched with up to three hand-picked leadership front-runners.
    1. Only candidates who are nominated by their local churches' leaders are considered for AMP.
  2. Share the mentoring load with a team of trainers.
    1. Be assisted by onsite liaisons in your trainees' local churches.
    2. Collaborate with other LMs and LifeLinks/AMP leaders to discern and implement what's best for each trainee.
  3. Deepen your relationships with the others on the training team and grow as you learn from one another.
  4. Enjoy the satisfaction of building into individuals, churches and your network family to advance God's kingdom.

If you're interested in being an AMP mentor, we want to hear from you!

Please feel free to use our Contact page to ask any questions you may have, request further information, or submit your name as a candidate to be an AMP mentor.

Matching of mentors with trainees is governed by a wide range of factors, so please don't be discouraged if you're not put into service as a mentor right away — your willingness is much appreciated! Before you are matched to mentor any trainee, you will be contacted to check on your availability.

"My AMP mentor was a tremendous blessing and is now providing oversight to the Church my wife and I now lead. That relationship carry- forward is such a joy!"
Josh Erb, AMP1 graduate

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Local Church
As an church partnering with AMP you will…
  1. Have opportunity to nominate AMP trainees and leadership mentors from your congregation.
  2. Receive LifeLinks/AMP leaders' help (upon request) with recruiting, assessing, exhorting and equipping up-and-coming leaders.
  3. Keep your trainees actively involved in your church throughout the 12-month course (except for the three four-day power weekends).
    1. In fact, your trainees will likely become more actively involved, as they work at the ministry skills training prescribed by AMP.
  4. Enhance your church's training capabilities through collaboration with the AMP training team.
    1. Tune up your training system, pick up pointers and learn by doing alongside the others in the AMP training environment.

Local church overseers... If you would like to nominate an AMP trainee, please use the Trainee Nomination Form.

If you or someone from your church is interested in being an AMP mentor, please use our Contact page to let us know.

If someone from your church becomes an AMP trainee, your church will participate in the training and you'll be kept informed of the trainee's progress throughout the course. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for further details.

We look forward to working with you to disciple AMPed up leaders for your church and beyond!
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LifeLinks Network
As a network, LifeLinks can look forward to the following spin-offs from AMP…
  1. More and deeper friendships among key LifeLinks family members;
  2. More leaders raised up to plant and oversee churches, fill pastoral vacancies, lead ministries and spearhead missions;
  3. Greater exchange of knowledge, impartation of skills and giftings, and balancing of strength in LifeLinks as a whole;
  4. More skilled mentors and trainers developed across the network;
  5. A leadership development system reproducible in LifeLinks regions around the world.

LifeLinks members... AMP spells strength and growth for our fellowship!

"Coming to AMP from a different country, I had doubts and worries, but I can honestly say I have met people who I know will be a part of my life for the long run, and that the networks we have created are God-designed for our futures."
Jenny Cana, AMP3 trainee 

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