AMP Leaders

The apostolic council of LifeLinks International Fellowship initiated the development of AMP in May 2011. The council included Bryan Asay, Dave Wells, Ian Byrd, Mark Hughes, Peter Kasirivu, Phil Cana and Ross Gerber and Steve Chupp.

The apostolic council set up a task force to proceed with AMP's development. Apostolic team members Dave Wells, Ian Byrd, Bryan Asay and Mark Hughes were named to the task force along with Doug Christoffel, director of Into His Harvest Training School.

The team that oversees AMP's ongoing activities and development includes apostolic team members Dave Wells, Ian Byrd and Kevin Beeson, along with Anatoliy Byelyy and Doug Christoffel.

Bryan Asay
Bryan Asay
Dave Wells
Ian Byrd
Kevin Beeson
Mark Hughes
Peter Kasirivu
Phil Cana
Ross Gerber
Steve Chupp
Anatoliy Byelyy
Doug Christoffel