A.M.P. Trainee Nomination Form


Please submit nominations for the next AMP course by April 30 15, 2020.
Power Weekends for the next AMP course:

  • Power Weekend 1:  September 10 - 13, 2020
  • Power Weekend 2:  January 28 - 31, 2021
  • Power Weekend 3:  May 20 - 23, 2021

(Trainees attend from Thursday evening to Sunday around noon each Power Weekend.)

LifeLinks' A.M.P. (Accelerated Ministry Preparation) training initiative is a partnership among participating local churches and the LifeLinks apostolic council to accelerate development of "out-front" leaders — pastors, youth leaders, elders, church planters, mission workers, business, school and community leaders, and others.

Local churches nominate potential trainees and, if the nominee is accepted, are expected to encourage and support their trainee, monitor their progress, provide accountability, and possibly help with the teaching and training (if appropriate resources are available).

Sponsoring a portion of the trainee's course costs is also highly recommended (click HERE to review the AMP Financial Arrangements).

Lead / Senior Pastor:  The form below is your opportunity to recommend a candidate from your church who is presently operating at a measurable level of accomplishment in leadership, with maturity and self-accountability already apparent in their life. The course is designed for men and women who are vibrant members of their local church, on a trajectory that evidences leadership fruitfulness.

Workload:  AMP trainees find that the work required is approximately 4-6 hours per week for the duration of the course.

If the person you are nominating is married, it is recommended that you seriously consider nominating both spouses, as it is very beneficial for husband and wife to grow through the process together.

Please, before you submit the form, let your candidate(s) know you would like to nominate them and confirm that they are interested in receiving an application.

We look forward to working with you to raise up many leaders for God's glory and the advancement of His kingdom!

PLEASE NOTE: If you pause for an extended time while completing this form, you may have to re-enter your information when you return.

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If your nominee is selected as an AMP trainee, does your church agree to be responsible to collect and submit to AMP the fees for the training, as per the arrangements stipulated in the AMP Financial Arrangements? *

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(Tell how the nominee has demonstrated leadership potential and ministry fruitfulness, as well as how you think the Lord might use them in the future.)